• Classic Car Restorers
    • 17th May 2017

    Classic Car Restorers

    Heading The team at AV Classics began with a mechanic operating out of a relatively basic workshop. The ambition was to build a business with a reputation as one of the foremost classic car restorers in the UK and to employ a team of experienced, specialist and passionate individuals, committed to rebuilding and restoring classic

  • Welding, Fabrication and Bodywork
    • 13th May 2017

    Welding, Fabrication and Bodywork

    Heading AV Classics is a classic car restoration company based near Dunstable specialist in: classic car panel fabrication and welding services. Whilst the business is relatively young, it has invested heavily in the business and built a team of highly experience fabricators whose skills, that are necessary to restore classic car bodywork, are learned over

  • Repair and Restoration Services
    • 4th April 2017

    Repair and Restoration Services

    Heading AV Classics is an independent classic car restoration services company based near Dunstable in Hertfordshire. Established in 2012 by Aidan Mcconnon, initially as a classic car service company, its ambition was to become one of the foremost classic car specialists, specialising in post war modern classics. Over the last five years the business has

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