AV Classics is a classic car restoration company based near Dunstable specialist in: classic car panel fabrication and welding services. Whilst the business is relatively young, it has invested heavily in the business and built a team of highly experience fabricators whose skills, that are necessary to restore classic car bodywork, are learned over many years. We are rightly proud of the testimonials earned that have inevitably focused on the paint finish where again the investment in plant and equipment is only ever worthwhile if we employ highly skilled craftsmen, and we have.

The business prides itself on achieving the highest possible standards in every classic car restoration whether it be a full nut and bolt restoration or a specific mechanical or cosmetic commission. Whilst it’s the paint finish that often attracts the admiring comments the finished restoration is only ever as good as the quality of the preparation. In particular, we are proud to keep alive the fabrication skills and techniques that characterised coachbuilding from yesteryear. To restore bodywork sympathetically and authentically it is essential to remove existing paintwork to reveal the condition of the body panels and all structural metalwork. All fabrication and replacement of corroded chassis parts or damaged panels are undertaken in house by craftsmen skilled in techniques including, English wheel, welding and lead loading.

The team keeps extensive photographic records to record and share with clients during the process, to ensure the owner can enjoy and appreciate the dedication and attention being lavished on their classic restoration.

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