An extensive restoration – Series 3, E-type

Our client had bought a series 3 E-type that was in very poor condition. Once the car was in our workshops and stripped down it was clear that the car would need a very extensive ground up restoration. Rust had permeated nearly every panel and the car was structurally unsound.


We carried out an extensive rebuild of the shell using new and original panels. The work was painstaking and time consuming. Once the fabrication was complete we painted the car in a fantastic silver metallic colour and new stainless steel exterior bright work was installed.


We installed a completely new red interior and black Mohair hood.

Engine and ancillaries

We re-built the engine and gearbox and then detailed the engine and engine bay to the original factory finishes. The suspension and brakes were uprated and re-built with all brake and hydraulic lines replaced, engine ancillaries were rebuilt and we installed an electric and electronic ignition.


This V12 roadster has had one of the most extensive re-builds in the UK and is fantastic example of the marque.

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