Creating a continental touring specification E-Type – 1967 Jaguar Series 1 E-type

This Series 1 Jaguar E-type was brought to us in need of a full restoration. In discussions with the client he talked about wanting to use the car both in the UK and to tour France in the summer months. We discussed a number of possible upgrades that could be incorporated to create a vehicle that would retain its originality but offer high performance and comfort on long stretches of driving.

Engine and ancillaries

For improved drivability, we have mated a new five speed gearbox to the existing engine and to ensure reliability whilst abroad we’ve added fuel injection and electronic ignition. We took the opportunity to upgrade the braking – E-type braking was never the cars strongest point – so we installed larger brake discs and 4 pot callipers to ensure the car handles the new engine performance upgrades.

Improvements and upgrades

Adjustable shock absorbers and poly-urethane bushes will deliver the most comfortable ride and allow adjustment for different driving conditions, these features, along with power steering will deliver a comfort benefit on long stretches of motorway driving. Extended periods of night driving are taken care of by the installation of HID headlights.


The interior was completely replaced with a new leather trim kit, wool carpets, new vinyl trimming and Mohair hood. Sensitive technological upgrades included an alarm and tracker along with hidden USB charging points for the various smart phones and tablets that will need charging during the trips.


The car was finished in a period correct Jaguar dark metallic blue. This little used colour gives the finished car a slightly more modern look which we feel fits with its upgraded specification.


This is now a stunning E-type with a modern specification but retaining the classic Jaguar look. It offers a level of comfort and everyday usability that very few restored E-types can match.

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