Mercedes 190SL – 1963

This car was brought to us after a failed restoration by another garage. The car was delivered to us as a painted shell along with parts. It was clear on arrival that the shell fabrication was of a poor quality. Bad enough, but we were all shocked to see that the shell had been welded without being thoroughly checked for alignment. The result was that the bonnet did not fit in the bonnet apperture!.

It was clear that the car would have to be completely stripped of paint and extensive fabrication carried out to rectify the shell geometry. Once complete the shell was painted in a beautiful Mercedes light cream colour and we began to trim the interior in a red leather.

On fit up it became clear that many original parts were missing and finding original parts for these cars is always a challenge. Luckily, we have a number of specialists who we deal with who can always be relied on to find what we are after.

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