Creating a hill climb and sprint vehicle – 1973 MGB

This 1973 MGB was bought to us to be converted from a standard 1973 road car into a hill climb and sprint specification vehicle.


The vehicle was stripped to a bare metal shell and restored and painted to create a clean shell that would make the installation of the modifications easier. The exterior was de-bumpered and various panels were altered to accept new light fittings.


The interior was stripped back and we installed a roll cage, Cobra racing seats and a 4-point race harness. Wiring was upgraded with a new loom and a fire suppression system.

Engine and ancillaries

The engine was rebuilt to a sprint specification with an extensive amount of improvements and alterations made including MGOC stage two head, fast road cams and roller rockers.

Improvements and upgrades

Adjustable shocks and ventilated brake discs were installed and a long Panhard rear axle rod was selected over a Watt’s type linkage to deliver neutral handing in both the sprint and hill climb disciplines.


The car has been successfully campaigned at hill climb and sprint events in the south of England and it’s stripped back sports purpose look always attracts comment.

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