Rolls Royce – Silver Wraith 1955

This very stately Rolls Royce came to us for a full bare metal repaint. We have had lots of experience in painting very large ally bodied vehicles. With panels this old there is inevitably some micro corrosion deep in the open structure of the aluminium panels. This often causes the paint to ‘Pop’ whereby small micro bubbles appear in the final coat.

Rolls Royce’s are known for their mirror like paint finishes which are challenging to achieve on panels that are as large as are found on this car. Preparation of the panels included the use of a sealer we have found to completely seal the ally surface and very careful panel beating and final prep to achieve a smooth surface for paint.

Our 14 stage paint process achieved a fantastic result with the deep blue paint and layers of lacquer giving a mirror shine finish. We commissioned a trusted pin-striper to paint the beautiful side flank pinstripes. Much more expensive than using vinyl decals but they simply do not look right on a vehicle like this.

During the work we discovered rot in the wooden running boards and we refabricated them in marine grade ply along with refurbishing the gauges and polishing chrome work. All of this was completed at a breakneck speed to get the car ready for the 2018 November NEC Classic car show where the car had pride of place on the Rolls Royce owners stand.

The car now resides in the US where it is a regular guest on the stands of the US Rolls Royce owners club.

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