Turning a good Jaguar into a great Jaguar – Jaguar XK150

Our client had bought a Jaguar XK150 that was mechanically sound but let down by its paint and interior. The car had been recently been poorly repainted and once we stripped the car to bare metal in our workshops it was clear that the car would need some fabrication and body repair.


We carried out some very skilled fabrication on the body work. One this was complete, we painted the car in the original white colour.


We re-trimmed areas of the red interior, installed new carpets and refurbished gauges and trim items to to bring it up to a perfect standard. A new hood completed the visual transformation.

Engine and ancillaries

We installed power-steering to make the car as practical as possible for modern driving and the suspension and brakes were re-built.


This XK150 roadster has been transformed from a good to a great example. This project shows how we can combine just some of our various skills to create a fantastic example of the legendary XK150.

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